Saturday, February 2, 2013

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A different big truck came today and dumped no didn’t dump the young men shoveled all the sand out of it. Its cab was painted the same color as the body and sand leaked through the seams. So I went to Konah to drop of those letters for the AIDS workshop but I forgot the banana bread so I came back and went back again. Took a different route home cause it wasn’t too hot and watched the vultures and little birds and a hawk circling over the freshburned fields where no mouse can hide. I thought I heard a snake but it was a man sitting at the base of the tree wondering why I hadn’t noticed him earlier; but my attention was focused on the creek crossing only dabbed one foot the other totally dry just like the next creek crossing. Bump to the top of the hill where three old oranges where consumed, mostly by me but also by a medium sized grub. Flicked him/her out! Suddenly cellphone credit but too early to call you so back down the hill to the empty center no one at market day because today is marriage day. So out for a walk to clandestinely cut banana leaves with my keys the only tool I had. Sort of wrapped rice and banans with the wide fragile leaves but couldn’t tie with string (see above; re: market day) so just folded and stuffed into the recipient. Started the stove with cancer and cardboard then piled the charcoal on high then the pot on top then half-filled with water then the loose rice packages then the lid then fingers crossed. Left for two hours to allow children to play soccer. I gave them the ball. Marriage sound check DJ check screech check perfume check sneakers check thieboudienne check. Back at home no major catastrophe just a slight tilt to the pot so righted it and cut up the unlucky onions that won’t grow big like their neighbors. Add bacon bits and bacon bits and garlic and fry. Tastes like chinese bao with the pork and sugar and also a tepid crunchy potato salad sesame oil no mayo. Quick colorful clouds make digestion easy. Now light is tiny and the breeze is cooooler. After dark I’ll call.  

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julia said...

Seems to be a different writing style than usual-- I like it. Or is that just me? Glad to see you're enjoying the bacon bits!!